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My Conversation with NewInBooks

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview with Grant from Written Word Media ( about my latest creation, Angels in the Rough. It was a surprise to see so many interesting questions. One of them had to do with a particular scene.

What scene in Angels in the Rough was your favorite to write?

I don’t even have to stop and think about this answer! I was working with two of the characters, Joan and Annie, who are both a little frustrated with their romantic situations. I was remembering the way one of my sisters used to slam around the kitchen when she was mad, and we’d kid her that she was acting like our grandmother, who used to wash dishes and stack them into the dish drainer so hard that you could hear the clanking all the way through the house. Of course that kind of kidding only made my sister angrier. And that’s what happened to poor Joan as she tried to make herself a calming cup of tea. The stove wasn’t working, and in her anger she showered herself in cold water from the kettle, and then miss-stepped and actually fell down onto the kitchen floor. When Annie comes in right after that, she can’t see Joan on the floor because she’s on the far side of the table, and Annie also slips in the water, pulling both the table and the tablecloth down on top of her. Just as she lands, and discovers that she’s got company, their friend Bernice walks in and discovers them. I don’t know if that ever happened later in my sister’s life, but Joan gave me a great way to revisit those days and create a comical scene which still makes me laugh!

This lovely cover by Jennifer Givner of

It took a little time to answer the questions, but they really brought out what was particularly featured and funny (in my case) in the book. If you’re doing a new launch and you’re working on a limited budget, as I am, you might try Written Word Media to help you get the ball rolling. You can see the rest of the interview at

Angels in the Rough is currently on intro sale for 99 cents. Thanks for stopping in. I truly appreciate your support! I’m always happy to hear your thoughts & comments.