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Yesterday, I happily visited The Littlest Angel Bookstore in Vineland, NJ (1851 Landis Avenue), to drop off copies of my Serve Series books for sale! While I’ve enjoyed working with Amazon and Etsy, it was almost more real, if that’s such a thing, to see my actual books offered for sale in a store.

Beautiful statues at The Littlest Angel

My 5-book series is now lovingly placed in their new temporary home, amongst absolutely beautiful vespers! True Vespers Shops are a rare and beautiful thing.

Meeting Sharon at The Littlest Angel was wonderful!

The Littlest Angel is an unassuming shop in Vineland, New Jersey. Consider taking the drive through rural south Jersey to this wonderful shop, and maybe pick up some Jersey fresh produce on the way home!

One of the lovely angels in this shop.
One of the many classically beautiful art pieces.

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My Conversation with NewInBooks

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview with Grant from Written Word Media ( about my latest creation, Angels in the Rough. It was a surprise to see so many interesting questions. One of them had to do with a particular scene.

What scene in Angels in the Rough was your favorite to write?

I don’t even have to stop and think about this answer! I was working with two of the characters, Joan and Annie, who are both a little frustrated with their romantic situations. I was remembering the way one of my sisters used to slam around the kitchen when she was mad, and we’d kid her that she was acting like our grandmother, who used to wash dishes and stack them into the dish drainer so hard that you could hear the clanking all the way through the house. Of course that kind of kidding only made my sister angrier. And that’s what happened to poor Joan as she tried to make herself a calming cup of tea. The stove wasn’t working, and in her anger she showered herself in cold water from the kettle, and then miss-stepped and actually fell down onto the kitchen floor. When Annie comes in right after that, she can’t see Joan on the floor because she’s on the far side of the table, and Annie also slips in the water, pulling both the table and the tablecloth down on top of her. Just as she lands, and discovers that she’s got company, their friend Bernice walks in and discovers them. I don’t know if that ever happened later in my sister’s life, but Joan gave me a great way to revisit those days and create a comical scene which still makes me laugh!

This lovely cover by Jennifer Givner of

It took a little time to answer the questions, but they really brought out what was particularly featured and funny (in my case) in the book. If you’re doing a new launch and you’re working on a limited budget, as I am, you might try Written Word Media to help you get the ball rolling. You can see the rest of the interview at

Angels in the Rough is currently on intro sale for 99 cents. Thanks for stopping in. I truly appreciate your support! I’m always happy to hear your thoughts & comments.


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How the War Made them Better People: Indivisible Hearts, A Christmas Love Story during World War II

Annie, Joan, Helen, and Bernice reunite in this story, which takes place at the end of 1944. Joan, while waiting for her War weary fiancé, Dick Thimble, is stricken to learn that he may not have survived his injuries. While trying to manage through the uncertainty, she loses her job and has a shocking showdown with the ever-present maddeningly attractive Gloria Marini, who has not yet given up her quest for Dick’s heart. Annie, who tries to help Joan navigate the roaring emotional sea, is injured herself when tattered electrical connections cause an explosion in her shop. Her frightening experience brings about renewed vision in the girls’ lives, who begin to see the reality of life’s fragility. Just as it appears that the holidays will bring little cheer that year, surprises bring about a dazzlingly Joyful Christmas Celebration!

Indivisible Hearts: A Christmas Story of Love & Devotion Book Three in the Serve Series
by Cece Whittaker
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The Great Surprise of New Romance Fiction

It wasn’t until I was writing romance that I realized what an amazing and thorough escape this genre could be. For many people, it’s almost a daily medication. I’ll be honest, I always thought of the romance novel as having the typical plot: boy meets girl, boy wants girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back. But what a surprise I had coming—and I thought I was the first!

While I cannot help adding large tablespoons full of humor to my mix, other authors like Esther Erman (Just One) include unique and touching, historical dimensions. Others, like Alethea Williams (Joy That Long Endures) use international roots and historical perspective as well to add color and intrigue. Then there’s Penelope Marzec’s hilarious Daddy Wanted, which adds an element of adventure and what I call “goodness” to the protagonist’s character.

man kneeling in front of woman
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For me, and maybe it’s because I’m lazy after a day of writing, I prefer to listen to my stories as opposed to reading them. When I looked into stories that were read aloud, I was surprised to see how many other writers had chosen to read their own books! What fun! I did it because I’ve always been a performer. (Next time out, I hope to make a better show of it, as at times during my reading, it sounds like I’m on Quaaludes.)(Which I’m not!)

But the market is filled with refreshingly new designs in the romance field, and because of our awesome shopping opportunities, you can now scan the titles for your interests within the field that you might enjoy, including Christmas Romance, Historical Romance, Religious Romance, Comedy Romance, and a whole barrel of other specialty styles.
I hope you find something good—books are the best!

The Author:

Cece Whittaker lives and writes in Southern New Jersey. Her recent novels, The Call to Serve (Christmas story), and Love in the Victory Garden, are humor and romance-filled stories set in 1943-44. She draws on her happy childhood and multi-generational memories to create her romance novels, presented honestly and through a Christian heart.

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Return to Simple?

What are women readers seeking today?

Having worked through the myriad of spy and terrorist stories, all packaged in shiny, flashy covers featuring nearly exposed women and bare-chested males glittering in sweat, women and old and young may now be turning to a more wholesome entertainment in ladies’ fiction.

Capturing times gone by, without altering the actual circumstances, many newer writers are focusing on the positive side. The post-Babyboomer writer, sometimes referred to as the Babyboomer II, seems to want to concentrate on spreading hope and humor. These 53-60-year-olds graduated high school during very difficult times, having been confronted with the introductions of the first gasoline “crunch,” Jimmy Carter tax expansion, and Richard Nixon China trade. Work was not as freely available to this group as it was to their boomer predecessors.

Taking the high road

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 1982, conditions of unemployment ranked highest since 1947, at 9.7% that year, followed by only a slight drop in 1983, at 9.6%. Without the rapid rise on the traditional job track, post-Boomers in large part turned to hope. Writing wholesome ladies’ fiction is one growing outlet. “I’ve been accused of being an optimist and a fantasizer,” says author of The Call to Serve, Cece Whittaker, “and if that’s true, I guess it’s a good thing. As a writer, that’s what keeps me going.”

It may be fantasy, but decorum and wholesome entertainment are not new, just not recent. According to, Don Quixote, In Search of Lost Time, and War and Peace all rank in the top 5 of the most popularly acclaimed books of all time, not to mention the wild frenzy for Pride & Prejudice.

What’s Ahead?

Not to say you can’t still find that blockbuster with dirty teeth, but the late 20-teens are seeing a rebirth of decorum and genuine inspiration. Not surprisingly, the movement is led by a refreshing return of wholesome entertaining ladies’ fiction.