New Hope for Authors

Tulips in Spring photo by Richard Krents, copyright 2019.

Sometimes the News is Good!

Authors struggling to sell books are getting to a new era. While the task of converting books to cash for indy authors remains a do-it-yourself activity, at last there is reliable, intelligent, and newly available information–and it’s free! Making a living as an author is only a vaguely attainable objective for many of us. Yet we claw away at it daily, even when just the day before we said, “Forget about it!” The enthusiasm yo-yo is not surprising. Many of us have invested a lot of very tough-to-afford dollars in folks absolutely sure they were going to bring in lots of sales for us. Yet in many cases, those folks met with similar, if not identical sales failures as we did.

However, some of the successful book promoters have now opened their doors and begun to share some very valuable advice and tips that they have worked hard to gather throughout their own field experience. And they’re offering it to us for free.

Wrestling with the First Step

One of the best and most comprehensive ever courses on the Basics of Digital Marketing that I have experienced is being offered by, at This course is a fantastic, broad-based course that takes about an hour to 75 minutes to go through. It offers a great deal of information which is especially helpful to folks looking to figure out where and how to start expanding their social media footprint. Below is an example of a list discussed by Laurence O’Boyle of BooksGoSocial. In the actual video, he expands on the many steps involved in the “7 Pillar” Digital & Social Media Marketing Plan and many, many other helpful step-by-step procedures an author is well-advised to undertake. While it is one of the best and most helpful outlines for setting up one’s social media that I have seen, surprisingly, it is absolutely free. Also free is a Certification one receives upon completion.

Addressing Specific Elements in Promotion

Two extremely important elements in successful book sales are the cover, and the description of the book. All one need do to confirm this is go to Amazon, a book store, or a library, and see what attracts you. The Book Cover. And to confirm your interest, those few short sentences that tell what the book is about, the Book Description.

Book Description

The book description has to describe your book, but it needn’t go into superfluous detail, and it shouldn’t include facts that are only interesting to the author. It needs to take an honest but intriguing piece of your story and amplify it with just the right amount of interest and excitement. The book description is essential for important pages such as the Amazon Author page, book descriptions on your sales page, and when creating ads.

But while many of us are skilled at developing our plots and characters through the actual story, switching over to the one-two punch of media marketing can be overwhelming. It’s often completely beyond our skillset. We don’t actually find out just how inept we are until we try to do it ourselves. Many authors will agree that it is a completely different skill. Yet, it can be learned. This is addressed in a beautiful, very comprehensive article on the website for Free.

This is a rare offering, as it takes on this tough problem and gives actual advice and instruction on how to go about achieving your powerful and eye-catching description. For example, my first effort with my novel was indeed descriptive:

Four ladies seeking romance during World War II,  as they prepare for the coming of Christmas, The Call to Serve is Book I of the Serve Series about Friendship and Love in the 1940s era. Okay, so it says what it is. And so what?

With the help of Mr. O’Boyle’s BooksGoSocial, my description now says:

If Joan Foster had known that true love was just around the corner, she might have packed more than one dress. And the calculating redhead in her perky fascination would not have been about to take him away.

Maybe the second one does not fully describe the book, but as the article explains, that’s not actually the object. The description I ended up with for my first book in the series now offers me a fantastic model for all future descriptions.

Book Cover

Cover shot of James Blatch and Stuart Bache’s Book Cover Creation Webinar broadcast on April 12, 2019

In “How to Create a Book Cover that Sells your Book,” James Blatch and Stuart Bache created a marvelous hour-long webinar, at no cost to authors. It’s no secret that a good book cover sells a good book. This fantastic webinar not only gives invaluable advice from these best selling authors and designers, but actually goes through the process of creating a beautiful cover in Photoshop! It was a lucky coincidence for me that the creation of the particular cover in the webinar was for a book within one of the genres in which I write. For any writer, though, this webinar is spectacularly helpful, packed with ideas and information about what works and helps to make a good book into a commercial success. Although I confess I have a long way to go before I master the various steps, at least I know what the proper steps are. This is extremely important, and it’s information not found elsewhere. The webinar is available until 4/19/2019 at this link but after that date, a journey to should provide the same as well as more information.

Good News & Hard Work

If you create your own cover and write your own book description, chances are good that these resources will prove extremely helpful! Most importantly, these articles and resources provide a kind of set of instructions which takes the guesswork and general feeling of being lost in the slush pile out of creating these elements. Of course, they won’t create the material for you. But if you corral your own creative and tasteful talents, you can take advantage of a great opportunity with this information to really improve not only your book cover and book description, but also your sales outlook. And that’s good news!

The Author


After many years of editing for others, Cece Whittaker began to write and independently publish her own material, much of which relies on a happy combination of multi-generational memories and imagination. Her World War II romance series, starting with The Call to Serveis available in ebook, paperback, and on

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