Review of Love Letters by Debbie Macomber

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I wanted to see if current best-sellers were worth all the hoo hah, and I was so excited and happy to see that in fact, they are! If you have not enjoyed one of Ms. Macomber’s books yet, I encourage you to do so.

Love Letters, a Rose Harbor Novel, is a multi-perspective story centering on the activities of bed and breakfast owner/operator, Jo Marie. Ms. Macomber incorporates Jo Marie’s story of wonder and intrigue, even possible romance over her “handyman,” Mark, with the ongoing stories of two other parties. Interestingly each of the three stories are themed with letters; two with written letters, very pivotal and meaningful, and one more social media-oriented. Maggie and Roy struggle, survive, and then really struggle over perhaps the most challenging catastrophe that can occur in a marriage. And Ellie and Tom, and ultimately Virginia and Scott, about whom I will say no more, try desperately to find common ground in a surprising and then shocking set of circumstances, during which the reader can’t get to the next page quickly enough!

A wonderful so well-composed story that I was truly sorry to see it end, although it seemed there might just be another one to follow. I highly recommend this lovely piece of work, which brought me up from a low time and helped me appreciate and greatly enjoy the value of our contemporary literature!


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