Love in the Victory Garden

How does the Love come about in this Victory Garden?

Abbotsville struggled with too little to eat, and not enough to do to stop thinking about too little to eat. The winning solution was to do for others, and the girls certainly made the effort. But why did that redhead always have to torment Joan? Afterall, she’d lost the battle for Dick Thimble’s attentions—hadn’t she? And why didn’t Harry write to Helen, for that matter why didn’t Annie hear from Sylvester? What was going on with those soldiers who were stationed in Florida—or were they? If Bernice had been accepted into the convent as a postulant right away, she would never have had to try to understand those feelings she’d had watching a mother with her baby, or that letter from Henry. Worst of all, where in the world was Monsignor Kuchesky? In 1944, many worries and anxieties were soothed in the peace and loving comfort of the church, and in doing for others. This story picks up characters from The Call to Serve and advances their lives through that frightening summer of 1944 and beyond. Available on and here:

Front Cover ONLY Love in the Victory Garden 10-12-18_Page_1

And a little about the Author:

Cece Whittaker lives and writes in Southern New Jersey. Her recent novels, The Call to Serve (Christmas story), and Love in the Victory Garden, are romance, humor, and love-filled stories set in 1943-44. She draws on her happy childhood and multi-generational memories to create her romance novels, presented honestly and through a Christian heart.

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