Curing the Great Holiday Compression

20180627_142039Too Much Activity Got You All Wound Up?

It’s been established over the years that while the holiday season is a wonderful time to be with family and celebrate the blessings and gifts we’ve shared over the years, it’s also a well-known stress builder. It’s not just the internal expectation that hits folks, but more the lack of planning, being caught unaware, potential cash shortfall, and even the visits ones doesn’t want to make but feel obligated to do. Writing lists and putting together a schedule works for some folks, but for many, it’s just another source of anxiety, particularly when the accomplishments required don’t occur by the scheduled days.
A lack of pacing, not to mention the often-corresponding lack of funds, is usually at the bottom of holiday distress. That is not to say it comprises the whole ball of wax, but let’s say, it gets the ball rolling. It’s the root of the anxiety and continues to intensify things as other bits and pieces get picked up. How can this whole mess be avoided? How does one enjoy the holiday season and really have that Merry Christmas?

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Easy Answer, Cheap Solution

While there are no doubt many who espouse the alcohol solution, or the exit-the-rat-race philosophy, the answer is actually healthier, cheaper, and ultimately happier. When pacing is involved, a body must be rested. If not physically rested, at least emotionally rested. This happens with temporary escape. Winding down, as mothers call it. Definitely the Calgon bath. But if you’re not a bath person, why not indulge in the common escape of the story?

Watch an old movie where Christmas is utter bliss, while slowing down your mile-a-minute self-demands. Have a hot chocolate or a cup of coffee. Or for an even more engaging revitalization, find a book online among the awesome array of books at places like Kobo, Barnes & Noble, or of course, Amazon. Sit and read, or even listen to a funny, happy, exciting, romantic, or whatever kind of story you enjoy—often for only $3 or less! Once you’re there, you’re happier, you release some tension, and you can better focus on what you still have to do without all the noise and nagging of anxiety.

Reading for Family

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If you’ve got little ones, there’s nothing finer for their sweet memories than listening to a parent or older sibling read a Christmas book, filled with special love and holiday promise. Traditional favorites like The Night Before Christmas never grow old, but beautifully illustrated new books are also available online, often for only a few dollars.

Whichever way you choose remember that managing emotional health can carry you into and throughout a holiday season with a better outlook, healthier emotional balance, and a Merrier Christmas!

About the Author

Cece Whittaker lives and writes in Southern New Jersey. Her recent novels, The Call to Serve (a Christmas-themed story), and Love in the Victory Garden, are humor and romance-filled stories set in 1943-44. She draws on her happy childhood and multi-generational memories to create her romance novels, presented honestly and through a Christian heart. Kitchen promo

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